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Lisa Garr

Host of the Aware Show

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On every sale of the Money manifestation Summit ($999 for the All-Access Pass, and 8 monthly payments of $149 for the 8 Month Pass) every guest receives 5% of every sale, regardless of the referring affiliate.

This compensates you at the same (or higher) levels than the original offer we aired on The Aware Show in 2015.

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We would like you to be a referring affiliate for the Money Manifestation Summit for an additional 20% commission.

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Email Copy

Email 1

SUBJECT: This is how millionaires become millionaires.


Dear [FNAME],

Are you interested in the secrets of successful visualization?

Have you ever wondered how millionaires can manifest more money and wealth by using the Law of Attraction?

My friend Lisa Garr, the host of The Aware Show, has been investigating the mechanics of money manifestation. Recently, she interviewed me to find out what I know, and I’d like to share that interview with you, too.

During this interview, you will discover:

  • The mental blocks you must overcome to achieve financial abundance
  • How to align with the vibration of wealth
  • Some of my own personal secrets for manifesting more money (…these may surprise you!)

I don’t want you to miss this interview – it’s a good one.

Sign up here for free access:



P.S. This is a great opportunity for you to discover the path to actualize your financial dreams. Don’t miss out: [LINK]Click Here for access to my interview with Lisa. [/YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Email 2

SUBJECT: Did you watch the interview?

Dear [FNAME],

My interview with Lisa Garr is part of a groundbreaking new program called the Money Manifestation Summit.

This is a gathering of 8 of the world’s most successful Money Manifestation Masters, and those who enroll in the curriculum receive a module of content taught by each one of us!

By enrolling in the Money Manifestation Summit, you will receive:

Mastering Abundance with Jack Canfield: You have the power to create anything and everything you want in life!
Magnetizing & Manifesting Abundance with Christy Whitman: Align yourself with success, abundance, well-being, and joy by magnetizing yourself to manifest anything you want.
Awakened Wealth with Derek Rydall: Learn the true nature of wealth, and how to awaken its energy within you.
Releasing Resistance to Money with Carol Look: If you change your vibration with EFT Tapping, then you change what shows up in your life.
The Pathway to Prosperity with Emmanuel Dagher: Your Divine Inheritance is calling, ready to drench you with the golden riches you deserve to experience!
Creating What You Truly Desire, Starting Today with Dr Dain Heer: Imagine what is possible for the dreamers of this world when they finally have the right tools to manifest anything!
Millionaire Mindset Secrets with Dr Joe Vitale: Leave all financial limits behind and awaken the millionaire inside you.
The Formula for Wealth with Brent Phillips: Harness the power of your subconscious mind to unleash your true power.

This powerful group of money mentors are willing to teach you what you need to become a millionaire. Are you ready?

Start by watching my interview with Lisa Garr, the host of the Money Manifestation Summit. I’m sure you will earn something valuable from our conversation.




P.S. If you get just one thing from this email, it should be this – opportunity doesn’t wait until you’re “Ready,” it comes and it goes. Take this chance now to realize your dreams of financial independence. [LINK]Click Here to watch my interview with Lisa.[/YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Email 3

SUBJECT: Could you use a few million dollars?


Dear [FNAME],

I remember years ago, when I wanted to become successful and rich, I had no idea how I was going to do it. I only knew that I wanted it badly enough, that I was willing to do whatever it took to make myself a financial success.

Today, I’m proud to say that I have realized my dreams, and became so wealthy and successful that Lisa Garr interviewed me as part of her Money Manifestation Summit.

In addition to 8 interviews with modern masters of the Law of Attraction, she has put together a curriculum of training and knowledge. My own methods and materials are a part of the Money Manifestation Summit Curriculum, and I know firsthand, if you do this, you can achieve wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

When you enroll in the Money Manifestation Summit, you will receive:

  • 8 hours of video interviews between Lisa Garr and her guests – including ME!
  • Monthly modules, each focused on a different aspect of abundance
  • 164 hours of audio content
  • 34 additional hours of video content
  • 1,252 pages of PDF worksheets


This eight-month program is, quite simply, the largest library of money manifestation resources available on the internet.

I’m proud to be a contributing teacher for this important work. If you are ready to learn, get started today by watching this interview between myself and Lisa Garr:


Remember – the Law of Attraction doesn’t work…without action.



P.S. I have one more quick question for you today…Why Wait? We’ve done the groundwork for you and can show you the way. It all begins with a small investment of time, to [LINK]watch this interview.[/YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]












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Contact Lead Summit Producer Caelan Huntress for any further information.



skype: caelanmac